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There are two evaluation boards available for the ADA2200:


The ADA2200-EVALZ is the simpler of the two evaluation boards. It facilitates signal connections to standard test equipment. The part can be reconfigured with the use of the on-board EEPROM.

Figure 1. ADA2200-EVALZ Evaluation Board

User guide, documentation and purchasing information can be found under


The ADA2200SDP-EVALZ adds additional input and output signal conditioning circuitry on-board. It also adds an interface to the SDP board. This allows access to the ADA2200 configuration registers over the SPI port with the use of a PC resident GUI application.

Figure 2. ADA2200SDP-EVALZ Evaluation Board

The ADA2200SDP-EVALZ User guide can be downloaded from this link:

The ACE software used to configure the ADA2200SDP-EVALZ eval board can be downloaded from this link:

Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software

The evaluation board contains a reconstruction filter. To calculate new values for the filter, download the excel spreadsheet.


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