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AD9864EBZ and AD9874EBZ Demo and Evaluation Platform


This wiki site includes information about the AD9864 and AD9874 evaluation boards. Both boards use the same software and are equivalent in all respect other than the IC version used to populate it. The AD9864 and AD9874 datasheets provide a significant amount of information to aid in the understanding of these narrow band IF receivers. The datasheet along with the user guide and other PCB related files provided here should be consulted when using the evaluation board. The AD9864/AD9874EBZ is compatible with the ADI HSC-ADC-EVALCZ FPGA-Based Data Capture Kit. The user guide describes the AD9864_74 evaluation board along with the SPI GUI and Visual Analog software used to configure and analyze the data output of the device.

Any questions can be submitted via Analog Device's EZONE.


* Full featured “Plug-and-Play” evaluation board

  • Enables quick start-up of evaluation platform to operational state after software installation.
  • Only requires IF input, +5 V Supply, and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ capture board.

* Flexible design allowing user to optimize for different modes of operation

  • LO and CLK signals can be externally applied or internally derived from on-board VCO circuits.
  • Reference for LO and CLK synthesizer can be supplied by on-board 26 MHz XO or external source.
  • IF input supports 3-element matching network
  • Digital I/O interfaces to the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ or other FPGA, DSP, or uC platform

* PCB layout can be used as guideline for end product layout.

* Dedicated software GUI enables simple control and configuration of the device.

* Data analysis supported by ADI’s Visual Analog software.

AD9864/AD9874 Evaluation Platform User Guides

Evaluation Board PCB Files

AD9864/AD9874 Evalaution Board Schematic Board 15006 Rev C SCHEMATIC [PDF File]
AD9864/AD9874 Evaluation Board Gerber Files Board 15006 Rev C GERBERS [Zip File]
AD9864/AD9874 Evaluation Board BOM File Board 15006 Rev C Bill of Material [Zip file]

AD9864/AD9874 Software Files

AD9864/AD9874 DemoTool Software Installation Files AD9864_74 SPI GUI [Zip File]

ADI Visual Analog Software Installation Files ADI Visual Analog

Ibis Model Files

AD9864/AD9874 Ibis Model AD9864_74 Ibis [ZIP file]

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