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6G FR3 Reference Design

6-18 GHz RF Front-End Design includes complete TX and RX signal chains with 4 GHz of iBW. The design supports both 5G/6G signal generation and spectrum analyzer/demodulator. I/Q IF ports are provided for TX inputs and RX outputs, there's a common RF input/output interface connector. both TX and RX each have dedicated LO inputs to support FDD or TDD operation.

Evaluation Kit

  1. 6-18 GHz (FR3) RF Front-End Board
  2. Universal AC power adapter, 12 VDC Output
  3. Raspberry Pi board with SD card for RFFE SPI/i2c programming.
  4. GUI is preloaded on SD card.

Additional Equipment Required

  1. 20 GHz Signal Source for LO
  2. TX I/Q IF stimulus, DC to 2.8 GHz.
  3. RF source for RX input
  4. Spectrum Analyzer or demodulator at RX I/Q IF output

Product Overview

  1. RF carriers 6 GHz to 18 GHz
  2. Supports up to 4 GHz iBW
  3. EVM < –50 dB
  4. TX P1dB: 27dBm
  5. TX OIP3: 37dBm
  6. TX Attn control: 124 dB
  7. Transmitter LO nulling capability
  8. TX Directional Coupler for TX to RX Loopback
  9. TX and RX digitally tunable filters for harmonic/spur rejection
  10. Includes temperature sensors for calibration over temperature
  11. Design is SPI/i2c programable

Block Diagram

Performance Data

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