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Functional Safety - Battery Management System

The web page is a central location for storage and power conversion modules and systems for the Energy Storage and Conversion group (ESC) in Analog Devices. It is designed to direct you to the available modules and systems. For more information, email

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FuSa Systems Solutions
UG-1262 FS: Gas Detection

The ADuCM355 is an on-chip system designed to control and measure electrochemical and biosensors. The ADuCM355 is an ultralow power mixed-signal microcontroller based on the ARM®Cortex™-M3 processor. It is designed with current, voltage, and impedance measurement capability.
FS: ADI Functional Safety Site

IEC 61508 is the functional safety standard for the design of integrated circuits used in industrial applications. ADI has adopted this standard to extend our already rigorous new product development process. It ensures the extra safety planning, safety analysis, verification, and validation required by IEC61508 is carried out. To ensure a process of continuous improvement, ADI is an active member of key industry committees and has staff engineers certified by the leading industry functional safety certification bodies.
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