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Energy Storage & Conversion Solutions

The web page is a central location for storage and power conversion modules and systems for the Energy Storage and Conversion group (ESC) in Analog Devices. It is designed to direct you to the available modules and systems.

Energy Storage: Energy Storage Solutions

Application and signal solutions to Off-board dc fast chargers, Grid-to-vehicle high power chargers, Bidirectional high power chargers, Bidirectional high power chargers with energy storage units, EV charger power modules/racks”

BMS: Battery Monitoring & Balancing

Theses designs are complete solutions for battery management applications in multi-cell applications. Devices like the LTC6811, LTC3300 are examples of both battery stack monitoring and cell balancing which are key to energy storage.

PCS: Power Conversion Solutions

These designs provide complete solutions for both SiC and IGBT using Analog Devices isolated gate drivers, isolated power management and control for EV chargers, Solar applications and other power conversion applications.

Functional Safety: Functional Safety

BMS development is being driven by the emergence of lithium ion based batteries, which unlike other batteries do not tolerate overvoltage and may require secondary functions to operate safely. Functions such as “Over-Voltage protection” which is a functional Safety action, relates directly to battery protection. other Functions such as “Active or Dynamic Cell Balancing” , which are performance functions related to battery lifetime which may be required to enhance the battery lifetime, cannot interfere with the safe operation of the BMS system. Other Safety Hazards solutions are also discussed here.

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