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AD5758 + ADP1031 Eight Channel Analog Output Module - Demonstration Platform

The DEMO-AD5758-AO8Z Board demonstrates a system-level concept where the AD5758 and the ADP1031 are used together to implement a compact, eight-channel, channel-to-channel isolated, analog output (AO) module. The module is designed to dissipate less than 2W worst-case power dissipation over a wide range of operating condition.

High Voltage Capability

Take appropriate care when using this demo board at high voltages. Do not rely on the PCB for safety functions as it has not been hipot tested1nor has it been certified for safety.

1Also known as high potential or dielectric withstanding voltage tested.

The purpose of this board is to demonstrate how a system-level approach allows a compact low power solution to be developed. For bench and performance evaluation, please use the EVAL-AD5758DZ and the ADP1031CP-EVALZ evaluation kits.

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