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avnet.jpg Avnet, Inc. is one of the largest distributors of electronic components, including connectors and semiconductors; technology solutions, computer products and embedded technology. Avnet connects the world's leading technology manufacturers with a broad base of more than 100,000 customers by providing cost-effective value-added services and solutions.

Acknowledged industry-wide as the world leader in data conversion and signal conditioning technology, Analog Devices, offers a broad product portfolio to provide solutions for Avnet's designs. ADI provides power, analog signal conditioning, data converters, Audio/Video and serial data-transfer solutions to meet the needs of technically demanding applications such as:

More information can be found by looking at the all ADI products or application specific solutions section of the main web site.


Below is a list of hardware, IP Cores, or reference designs. While this content is believed to be reliable, many have not been validated, verified or reviewed by Analog Devices. These boards/platforms may or may not be suitable for end product integration or development, and may not meet datasheet specifications. Since many of these platforms or IP Cores are not designed or reviewed by Analog Devices, care should be taken to ensure that these will meet your needs before purchase. While ADI will always provide chip level support on the EngineerZone™, board level, or reference design support is given by the manufacture or creator of the specific materials.

References to manufacturer or third party software, websites, or to any specific commercial or non-commercial products are suggestions only and do not necessarily constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Analog Devices.

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Part Number / Purchase Description ADI Parts
FMC-IMAGEON Reference Design: Analog Devices

1080p, 148.5MHz HDMI 1.4 input/output FMC card
AES-FMC-INDIO-G Documentation: Avnet

The Analog Devices FMC Industrial I/O Daughterboard provides a complete Industrial analog hardware development environment for designers to accelerate their time to market. The daughterboard delivers a stable platform to develop and test industrial analog designs, digitally interfaced to the advanced Xilinx FPGA family. The variety of Analog Devices Industrial Hardware, tied to a separately purchased Spartan-6 LX150T board / device through an LPC FMC connector offers a prototyping environment to effectively demonstrate the enhanced benefits of Analog Industrial IO coupled with advanced Xilinx FPGA solutions.
ADuM5402 AD421 TMP05 ADM3490 AD7793 ADG1404 AD8021 AD7612 ADR441 AD5724 ADG1409 ADA4898-1 AD8512 AD8253 ADP1864
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