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Getting Started with GMSL

The GMSL Technology Solutions page on web is the starting point for all things GMSL. It will explain the GMSL technology, GMSL beyond automotive, GMSL advantages, and other helpful high-level information.

The Technology Solutions page also provides a link to the GMSL Parametric Search Table for narrowing down components.

In addition, each GMSL part will have a product page like the MAX96717 or MAX96724 which provides even more information about the specific parts and how to order them.

GMSL Documentation

GMSL2 Hardware Design Guide
This guide provides various techniques to optimize high-speed hardware design and guidance for hardware validation. Special consideration is given to schematic design and PCB layout to ensure optimized GMSL2 link performance.

This guide includes sections for:

  • GMSL2 Overview
  • Hardware Recommendations and Best Practices
  • Power-over-Coax Circuits
  • Hardware Validation Tools

GMSL2 Channel Specification
The GMSL2 channel specification defines the hardware system design requirements necessary for the proper operation of GMSL2 systems. See this document for important system design considerations, including PCB material, PCB layout, passive PCB components, cable(s), and connectors.

This guide includes sections for:

  • GMSL2 Channel Descriptions and Definitions
  • GMSL2 System Channel Specification
  • GMSL2 Module Channel Specifications

GMSL2 General User Guide
The General User's Guide covers various aspects of how to use certain GMSL features common across devices.

This guide includes sections for:

  • Serial Link Features
  • Video Transmission
  • Bidirectional Channels
  • Bandwidth Calculations
  • Device Families

GMSL Webinars

Introduction to GMSL Webinar Series Part 1: UNDERSTAND - What is GMSL?
We introduce the GMSL technology, highlight the product evolution and history, and learn about the basics. We review targeted applications and end markets, give you an overview of publicly available collateral, and present roadmaps. We also review some key technical highlights of the GMSL parts that have been released.

Introduction to GMSL Webinar Series Part 2: IDENTIFY - What is the correct GMSL solution for your application?
We will explore the initial steps needed to help identify the correct GMSL solution, evaluate the system requirements when designing a link, and review some important terminology. Using this knowledge, we will perform link bandwidth calculations used to ensure that the GMSL device can support the bandwidth requirements for the application. We also discuss the importance if the GMSL2 channel specification, and ultimately how to identify the correct GMSL part number for your application.

Introduction to GMSL Webinar Series Part 3: APPLY – How do I get started with GMSL?
We discuss some possible avenues to develop a prototype. We provide an overview of implementing a link with GMSL EVKits, talking through what is included with an EVKIT and the basics of setting up a link. We highlight key capabilities of the GMSL software GUI tool, which can be used to efficiently design, monitor, and debug a link. We also discuss the GMSL ecosystem partners and providers, provide insight on the engagements and highlight our strategy for ecosystem development.

Achieve High-Speed for High-Res Video with Gigabit Multimedia Serial Links (GMSL™︎)
Join this interesting webinar to explore the system cost and performance benefits delivered by backwards compatibility across each generation of GMSLTM. The webinar will also discuss the innovative applications enabled by GMSLTM in safety, autonomy, and more, across industrial automation, digital healthcare, aerospace and defense.

GMSL Articles

Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) Cameras as an Alternative to GigE Vision Cameras
Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link™ (GMSL™) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) are two popular link technologies for camera applications that are often seen in different end markets. This article conducts a comparative analysis of the two technologies in system architectures, key features, and limitations. It will help explain the fundamentals of both technologies and provide insights into why GMSL cameras are a strong alternative to GigE Vision® cameras.

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