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FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts (KoP) Donation Resources

This is the central location for all documentation relating to ADI's parts donations to the FRC Kit of Parts. Here you will find links to code examples, software libraries, user guides, and other resources for all of ADI's FRC components. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please reach out to us at

Analog Devices currently provides three different sensor solutions to teams. Which one is best for you will depend on your team's experience with sensors, desired performance, and the available ports on your RoboRIO.

If you want to learn about the basics of using sensors for autonomous navigation, check out our 2019 Championship Conference presentation, presented by engineer Mark Looney. You can watch a recording of the Detroit presentation (coming soon), or access the slide deck here.

ADXRS450 Gyroscope Board for FIRST Robotics

The ADXRS450 gyro board is a single axis, low cost, entry-level sensor designed to get teams up and running quickly without installing any additional libraries or software. This gyro is available on FIRST Choice and is recommended for all teams, including those with no sensor experience. It plugs directly into the SPI port on the RoboRIO and libraries are already included in WPILib - all you have to do is initialize it in your robot code and use it!

Gyroscopes measure angular rate of rotation…in other words, how fast is your robot turning? The right gyroscope can be a game-changer for your robot, as they will provide the fast, precise rotation measurements to help your robot better navigate the field. The ADXRS450 “yaw-rate” gyroscope (featured on this board) provides angular rate feedback for the Guidance Navigation Control (GNC) system on many robots and other autonomous vehicle platforms. Remember: the ADXRS450 measures rotation rate, not absolute rotation angle. Angle estimates come from the summation of the angular rate measurements over a given period of time. For a more in-depth discussion on this topic, including more information about what “gyro drift” is, check out our EngineerZone Blog post on this topic.

Starting in 2019, the ADXRS450 Gyro board will only be made available to teams via the FIRST Choice Program. If you didn't get one via FIRST Choice and you still want to use the ADI gyro, you can find design files, BOM, and a link to purchase the PCB from OSH Park here to have your own board manufactured.

For more information on how to get started with the ADXRS450, check out the FRC Gyro Board wiki page.

ADIS16470 IMU Board for FIRST Robotics

If you want to up your game and already have some experience with inertial sensors, your team may want to upgrade to the ADIS16470 IMU. This next-generation IMU is designed for demanding, high-impact applications like those seen in FRC, and is recommended for any team looking to get involved with IMUs on their robot. It plugs directly into the SPI port on the RoboRIO, and supporting libraries are available in all three major FRC programming languages. If you’re comfortable with installing external libraries, you should be able to get up and running quickly with the ADIS16470. This IMU gives your robot the ability to calculate its position in 3D space. This IMU packs a next-generation 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope. The board has two mounting holes to secure the board to the RoboRIO, so you don't have to worry about vibration or losing your sensor in the middle of a match. This sensor has the lowest drift of any ADI board for FRC, giving your team industry-level performance.

The ADIS16470 is a 6-Degree-of-Freedom calibrated IMU module. It was designed to be a lower-cost robust IMU for applications such as drone stability feedback and precise navigation for smart agriculture. This IMU is one of the newest in the Analog Devices iSensor product line, known in the industry as best-in-class when reliability and precision are critical. All iSensor IMU modules are individually calibrated over temperature in the factory and include embedded gravity compensation and advanced user filters.

This IMU board is only available through FIRST Choice. Due to FRC rules, we cannot provide spares to teams directly, so these boards are only available through FIRST Choice!

For more information on how to get started with the ADIS16470 IMU, check out the ADIS16470 IMU Board wiki page.

ADIS16448 IMU Board for FIRST Robotics

The ADIS16448 sensor includes many more features than the single-axis gyro board, but if you're comfortable programming and are familiar with how to install external libraries, you should be able to get up and running with the IMU quickly. The IMU board plugs directly into your RoboRIO MXP port and has screw holes to secure it to the RoboRIO, so you never have to worry about it coming loose during a match.

The ADIS16448 IMU is a 10 Degree-of-Freedom (DoF), calibrated IMU module in a robust package designed for industrial robots, UAVs, and autonomous vehicles. It has a three-axis gyro, three-axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetometer, and a barometric pressure sensor inside, allowing the RoboRIO to calculate precise, absolute position. The IMU featured on this board is part of the iSensor product line, which is known in the industry for use in applications where reliability and precision are critical. All iSensor IMU modules include unique, factory calibration over temperature, embedded gravity compensation, and advanced user filters.

For FRC, ADIS16448 IMU board can only be obtained through FIRST Choice, and limited quantities are available. Due to FRC rules, we cannot provide spares to teams directly, so these boards are only available through FIRST Choice!

For more information on getting started with the ADIS16448 IMU, check out the ADIS16448 IMU Board wiki page.

After 2020, we will begin to phase out the ADIS16448 IMU in favor of the newer ADIS16470 with updated features. We strongly encourage teams that have not obtained one of the newer IMUs to consider getting one from FIRST Choice this year. The ADIS16448 IMU is still supported, but stock will be limited and library updates/releases for this device will be slower.
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